Our Story

Co-founded by Charly Joung and Daniel Han, Falcon Garments' goal is to pay homage to classic outerwear that have stood the test of time throughout the eras. We make subtle updates to design elements and construction without losing the essence of the design. All the while, we use the highest-quality materials to last a lifetime and give the jackets an updated fit.

Over 10 years ago, Daniel from Los Angeles and Charly from Philly, both of Korean-American heritage, embarked on a voyage to Seoul, South Korea to learn the business of hand-made jackets. There was no how-to guide. Day in and day out, for years, we met artisans with decades of experience and browsed markets with leather hides as far as the eye can see. In those years, we managed to gather the best tailors to hand-make their wears one-by-one and sourced the highest quality leathers and materials by personally examining and touching thousands of hides.

Now, over a decade later, we're still bringing you the best that only comes from working with expert tailors who have honed their craft over a lifetime. Our goal isn't to scale, switch to mass production, and lose quality. We want continue grinding out jackets one-by-one, hand-made from start to finish. And we hope that you see the quality of the jackets from that level of care and attention to detail.